Episode 11: Moving Forward After Loss…Starring Roger Roberts and Carol Weiss

I used to quip that we all have a shelf life. But we don’t age in a vacuum. Our cherished loved ones are vulnerable too.

               If you live long enough, you’re going to be confronted with catastrophic loss.

This loss could be from the natural attrition of old age, or could be the result of unanticipated accidents or illness. Potential targets could be a spouse, a sibling, a friend, a cherished pet, or even your children and grandchildren. It might not be a death. It could be a divorce or an estranged relationship. If you’re a retired educator, you probably will experience loss.

I have two dear friends both of whom have experienced catastrophic loss. Carol Weiss lost her husband three and half years ago. Roger Roberts lost his wife just seven months ago. Both of these wonderful folks had been married for roughly fifty years. In this episode, Roger and Carol bravely and transparently discuss their ordeals.

This is a heavy episode. It might not be for everyone. I also want to put out a disclaimer. Roger and Carol are people of faith. It becomes obvious early in the interview that faith is a primary coping mechanism for both. I am cognizant that some audience members might not be so inclined. I respect this. I can tell you that if I pass before my wife, she will rely heavily on her faith. If she passes before me, I will take a more secular approach to grieving.

Regardless of your religious disposition, the authentic emotions expressed by both Roger and Carol are universal and beautiful.

Oh and one other caveat, both Roger and Carol make a number of local references that I’m certain will mean nothing to most listeners of this podcast. We all live in Eastern Delaware County in Central Ohio. When you hear certain towns or schools that sound unfamiliar, no worries—familiarity to these places is not germane to their stories.

If you've experienced catastrophic loss, perhaps this episode will help you. If you haven’t, you probably will. Just maybe, you’ll be inspired to take inventory of the amazing living and breathing people in your life.

What you can do About it:

  1. Reach out to a friend who is grieving.
  2. If you’re grieving, seek a grief counseling group.
  3. Share this episode with someone whom it might help.

Congratulations on completing this episode. It was an intense one. Please go and enjoy the wonderful people in your life.