Episode 1: Welcome to the Retired Teacher Coach Podcast

I’m James Sturtevant. I taught for 34 years, I’m in my 60’s, I’m in great shape and I feel fantastic. I’m a certified health coach and my objective is to help retired educators make awesome health and lifestyle choices. That’s my mission in coaching and the mission of this podcast.

Each episode will feature a topic that is highly relevant to retired teachers. I’ll either interview an engaging and relevant guest, or I’ll fly solo.

Each episode will follow a template:

  1. I’ll identify a problem
  2. I’ll expose you to some solutions
  3. I’ll encourage you to take action

I want to keep this first episode brief, but before I leave, I’ll give you a bit more background. I’m a husband, a father, a grandfather, a teacher, and a coach. I taught high school social studies for 34 years. My passion about education inspired me to author 4 books on student-teacher relationships, student engagement, and teacher well being. I coached football. I coached track and field. I was a strength coach. Outside of school, I taught group fitness classes. I’m a graduate of the Primal Health Institute.

I’m still teaching, but now at the college level working with future and current educators. I’m also still coaching, but now with my tribe—fellow retired educators.

As I previously mentioned, I feel fantastic. You deserve to feel fantastic too. I crafted this program with the retired educator in mind.

And before I wrap-up this introductory episode, I’d like to invite you to navigate to theretiredteachercoach.com. This is where you’ll find the pages for each episode which include a narrative, images, and helpful links.

Hey…we’ve worked hard to get where we are right now. A lot of people envy us. But finding retirement bliss can be tricky. Let me help you learn to love being retired.